Email & SMS Notifications

Our systems will instantly notify you of any breach in your set parameters. This will allow you to take immediate action and tackle any energy waste issues as they arise.

Data Quality

Our monitoring systems detect spikes, and flatlines in your data enabling an immediate response to any mechanical issues that may occur. Real data will be continued to be stored on the meters until the problem is rectified before it is automatically uploaded to the software.

Lifetime Storage

We store data for as long as you require. Your data is safe on our multiple backup clouds and will be stored without being trimmed – your data is kept in its full form for use as and when you require.

Real-time Data

Collect all your monitored data – utilities or conditions – whenever required. Run this data on the analytical software to gain a true understanding of your usage.

Operational Data

Easily track temperatures, occupancy, weights, flow levels and many other variables that may affect the efficiency of your operation.


Analyse Trends

Review all monitored data with ease. Compare current against historic and begin to truly understand your energy usage.

Load Profiling

Have the ability to compare multiple load profiles at any individual facility to positively identify equipment and BeMS scheduling inefficiencies.

Multi-meter Comparisons

Analyse and review multiple meters simultaneously for easy reporting over any timescale.

Annual Reporting

Year on year and month on month reporting allows you to keep track of efficiency measures and ensure their effectiveness.