Senior Management

All senior management can now enjoy monitored information on a user friendly platform. Be able to assess performance and effectiveness of your management level directives.

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers gain access to a macro view of key performance indicators without struggling to aggregate data across a spread of geographically separate buildings and varied technologies.

Energy Managers

Energy managers will now be able to log into one cloud based system to access all information. This will save on time identifying waste and allow more time to solve any problems.

Sustainability Teams

Sustainability teams can track, visualise and communicate key information by having access to all utility and carbon usage information. The software will allow them to track waste and engage occupants in utility reduction campaigns/competitions and conduct public reporting.

Facility Managers

Facility managers can now focus their time on actual facility management instead of being pulled in various directions whenever someone needs building performance data. No more need to spend hours of time sifting through spreadsheet data from your existing BMS.


Tenants and Visitors

Our dashboard is built for occupant and tenant engagement. It is accessible and intuitive to a non-technical audience. With real-time information on energy and conditions it allows all to interact with the actual energy performance, sustainability initiatives, and reduction campaigns.