Glasgow University

Glasgow Uni

Energy Perspective were selected via a tender process to undertake a 12 month programme to provide a heat metering package to support the design works for the new Gilmorehill CHP and district heating package.

The project has been identified to replace old boilers with a CHP plant and to add a number of buildings on the north side of the campus into the district heating loop.

A metering project to correctly size the current heat consumption in 7 buildings has been proposed by the Universities consultants with an emphasis on the following:

  • Clamp on ultrasonic flow meter with remote flow transducer
  • Non Invasive on existing IT infrastructure
  • Unit c/w 2 clamp on RTD
  • Unit provides MODBUS output
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 90°C
  • Cloud based Software Platform for research & analysis

Energy Perspective supplied & installed ultrasonic heat meters & calculators, commissioned the project and monitored and maintained a monitoring platform for Glasgow University to visually monitor the return & flow temperature, kwh, m3/hour, volume within 7 buildings across the Glasgow campus.

The project was met using wireless non-invasive modern technology with accuracy of data and to meet the requirements set out by the University.

Following a successful project we have been chosen to increase the capabilities of the hardware and software by adding wireless electricity sensors at various location within the campus.