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Dundee College is one of the most successful and innovative college’s in Scotland. With an increasing estate Dundee College have addressed climate change and are committed to meet government legislation and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Eniscope SolutionDundee College - energy

Dundee College’s commitment to energy reduction drove Billy Grace, Head of Buildings & Estates, to source a metering solution to monitor, manage and engage staff and students to reduce energy on site. The Eniscope real time product offered Billy a modern approach to energy management with a striking platform to communicate energy, interact with staff and students and identify energy waste and opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.

Diagram to the right illustrates the staff engagement and communication dashboard.

Project Management

The Kingsway Campus was chosen as the first site to manage. Eniscope was installed to monitor the energy consumption, cost, carbon, power factor, current etc. not only for the entire site however we are monitoring the kitchens, workshops, tower blocks and annex.

We quickly established that the consumption was very high especially at night and the weekends. By using Eniscope we were able to identify the areas of waste and offer suggestions and recommendations of ways to become more energy efficient.

Auditing the site in non-term time provided us with a benchmark of what can be achieved if staff were to switch off monitors, PC, printers and photocopiers at the end of the day.

Savings of £1000 per week have been achieved and we are continuing to work with Billy and his team to strengthen the college’s commitment to becoming more sustainable and leading the way by using technology and innovation to reduce the college’s carbon footprint.

Following a successful installation at Kingsway we have now installed Eniscope at Gardyne and are now monitoring 25 channels throughout the Estate including Gymnasiums, swimming pools, retail outlets, building levels, chilled ventilation and many more. Energy Perspective are confident of achieving further savings for the college and striving towards zero energy waste.

The graph below illustrates what can be achieved by implementing simple energy efficiency measures.



The graph below illustrates the start of term following a successful reduction campaign in the summer.


Dundee College - graph2



Dawn Maclean explains…

“The level of service and support from Energy Perspective has been second to none and would urge anyone who is looking to reduce energy waste and costs to consider working with Energy Perspective. It started as a small project in our Kingsway Campus however we have since expanded to include our Gardyne Campus. In total we are now monitoring 25 channels throughout the College. The technology will allow us to extend this further as the project progresses.

Although it is early days for us, we can already see the benefits of using this system to raise awareness to our staff, students and visitors and, at the same time, allow us to show our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.”

Billy Grace, Head of Buildings & Estates

Dawn MacLean, Health, Safety & Energy Officer