Disney Environmental Policy

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The Walt Disney Company seeks to establish and sustain a positive environmental legacy for Disney and for future generations. Specifically, Disney aims to conserve water, energy and ecosystems; to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; to minimize waste; and to inspire public consciousness in support of environmental sustainability. It also complies with, and in some cases exceeds, environmental laws and regulations.

Finally, the company is committed to communicating regularly on its progress in implementing these policies and achieving the targets that it has established.

Water and Energy Conservation

Improve water and energy efficiencies in existing operations. Invest in new technologies and systems that enhance water and energy conservation. To include water and energy management as an integral part of planning for future projects to reduce the consumption of water and energy.

Inspire Action

Engage and inspire employees, guests, viewers, interested parties and business associates to make positive impacts on the environment. Integrate environmental messaging into products, guest experiences and media platforms worldwide.

How Energy Monitoring helped

Lutterworth is the European distribution centre for the Disney retail operation (both retail stores and on line operation). Paul Bradbury, Energy Manager, wanted a greater understanding and visibility of how the facility was consuming its energy in order that he could achieve the following:-

• Baseline profile of the building operation

• Understanding of wasted energy consumption

• Influence employee behaviour by communicating the objectives and successes of energy awareness.

…all in line with the global environmental objectives of The Walt Disney Company.


A bespoke wireless automatic metering and monitoring solution with over 30 radio transmitting sensors has been created. These sensors collect real-time data from electrical meters, HVAC system, internal and external lighting circuits and the mains water supply.


Using this data, which was provided in a user friendly software and graphical format, Paul was able to utilise his tailored dashboard and reporting suite to identify wasted or excessively used utilities. Email alerts were also used to highlight exceptions e.g. lighting left on after office hours.

The bespoke system together with Paul’s commitment and exceptional pro-active buy-in of all employees to the company objectives resulted in savings of 35% on gas and 32% on electricity. The capital investment was recovered in just 4 months.