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In 2006 Bannatynes were the largest independent chain of health clubs in the United Kingdom with 26 sites. With over 60 sites settled in the UK, Bannatynes continue to develop and grow offering a unique health and leisure experience. With an increasing estate Bannatynes have addressed climate change and are committed to meet government legislation and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Eniscope SolutionBannatynes - Energy Graph 1

Bannatynes commitment to energy reduction drove Paul Lewis, general manager at Bannatynes Falkirk, to source a metering solution to monitor, manage and engage staff to reduce energy on site. The Eniscope real time product offered Paul a modern approach to energy management with a striking platform to communicate energy, interact with staff and identify energy waste and opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.

Diagram to the right illustrates the staff engagement and communication dashboard.

Post Installation Project Management

The initial profiling (where the Eniscope profiles the actual energy consumption and builds up a trend, prior to staff engagement) commenced on 1st July 2012 and recorded actual consumption data for around 4 weeks. After completing the initial profiling, a night time base load was established by conducting a site walk around prior to closing. This establishes what the minimum amount of energy consumption is required when the Health Club is closed. From this walkthrough, the Eniscope was able to immediately identify that the Health Clubs energy consumption was still too high when the building wasn’t operational.

After the walk through with Paul Lewis to identify equipment that was not required to be on, a base load of 20KW was identified for the Falkirk Club. After this base load was established, this then allowed the duty manager to ensure that a 20KW consumption level was adhered too on closing thereafter.

Our Findings

Pre Energy Perspective:Post Energy Perspective:

July Daytime Consumption ranged between 120kw and 150kw

July Nightime Consumption ranged between 40kw – 60kw

July cost was £5,874

Post Energy Perspective:

October Daytime Consumption ranged between 90kw and 100kw

October Nightime Consumption ranged between 18kw and 21kw

October Electricity cost was £4,057

Summary of the above examples:

Daytime consumption has reduced by 34%

Nightime consumption has reduced by 65%

Electricity Costs in this example has reduced by £1,817

Return on Investments Less Than 5 Months

The above illustration highlights the Pre and Post project management solution by Energy Perspective. The red line represents July consumption and Green represents October consumption.


Bannatynes - graph


Paul Lewis Commented in September 2012…

“Eniscope was fitted by Energy Perspective and the results have proved very positive. The software is very simple to use and gives me a minute by minute guide of how much power we are using within our club. I can detect if my duty managers are following the correct end of night procedures by turning off all lights/appliances/air conditioning etc., indeed the visual and immediate aspect of the software has helped create a competitive element between them to see who can get it down the lowest. In September 2012 we have already seen a drop of 13% in our night time costs and if this is mirrored in our daytime savings we will see a significant reduction in our electricity bills.”